The main characteristics of Mongolians’ traditional way of living is to ensure the good harmony between human and nature, and lead an environment friendly living by protecting nature and keeping the balance of natural recovery process. The custom of nomadic way of life is minimalistic but a quality living which allows nomadic families to be in self-sufficient in the healthiest food products in an ecologically pure environment, and preserve the nature and habitats without any ecological footprint. Mongolian people have passed down their traditional walk of life, knowledge and experience to its generation by generation on how to look after their livestock moving between pastures and make a living on the yields of their traditional five snouts and overcoming the harsh climates period of four seasons of the year For the nomadic people, their traditional five snouts are not only the means of living but the part of their pride in beauty and adornment. Therefore, the content, materials and design of cultural products are often closely linked to their livestock. Moreover, the festivals and weddings of the nomadic people have played an important role to spread its culture, and its unique tradition and customs and cultural items are nowhere else in the world apart from Mongolia. Mongolians make almost everything such as clothes, rugs and toys from their livestock’s fur, wool and cashmere for supplying their needs. They create it by using their traditional valuable handcrafting techniques with a deep and symbolistic meaning in applying health and environmentally friendly processing methods. For instance: Interlocking puzzles are designed to develop intelligence in children including their development of small muscles in the arms and harmless as they are made with health-friendly raw materials such as wood, bone and animal skin etc. Fine technologies for extracting and processing wool and cashmere, which is softest, most luxurious and environment friendly material in the world, has also been traditionally inherited from the living of nomadic living and culture. In modern days, high quality cashmere products have been produced in a variety of color and designs thanks to the introduction of advanced technology and fine equipment.  Galleria Ulaanbaatar Shopping Center, which is located in the heart of the metropolitan city, has become a popular spot for foreign and domestic tourists since the goods and products reflecting the aspects of traditional living and culture of nomadic people have commercially centralized there.


Cashmere products of Gobi brand The Gobi brand factory is one of the gems of Mongolia, that produce a world-class product by processing cashmere, produce of traditional nomadic livelihood from the raw material of pasture herd to a final product. Hence, the luxurious, high-quality cashmere product of your fashion choice is the must-buy item from Mongolia.   Memorable souvenir for you Each individual has own unique sense and interest in art, religion, and fashion, or even jewelry. We recommend you stop by the Galleria Souvenir market, where you can select memorable souvenirs of your interest, that ponder your adventure, from over 2000 types of artifacts, which signify the tradition and culture of Mongolia. National apparel Consider trying on modern styled deel-dress and other apparel with touch and a hint of Mongolian deel, from comfortable everyday wear to exclusive pieces for cocktail parties. Especially if you consider the history and culture of deel, you will surely grab one for you. Various garments and deel of your choice, available at the Gobi, Galleria Souvenir, and Michel&Amazonka stores.... Gifts for your loved ones At last, fill your rucksack with special and unique gifts for your loved ones in your home country, to present with the passionate stories of your memorable journey. All these stores located in the Galleria Ulaanbaatar Trade and Service Center, on the east of Chinggis khan square at the heart of Ulaanbaatar, before you depart Mongolia, come to the Galleria Ulaanbaatar Center, place of a unique blend of tradition and modernization, as a one-stop destination for all your travel needs.


The Galleria Ulaanbaatar Trade and Service Center located on the east of Chinggis Khan square at the heart of Ulaanbaatar is one of the must visit destinations for both domestic and international tourists. Our visitors highlighted the top 10 reasons to come to the center. The biggest branch of the GOBI brand stores, one of the top five cashmere producers are located in the Galleria Ulaanbaatar Center. The cashmere is the finest, warmest and most eco-friendly luxury material. Cashmere products are the must buy item for anyone visits to Mongolia. Galleria souvenir store is special for gathering over 2000 types of products of over 200 local manufacturers, that feature Mongolian custom, tradition, and specialties and it is one-stop time-saving souvenir destination for tourists.  The food court consisting of world chain restaurants, a coffee shop, and sushi-restaurants, boasting with rich and nutritious meals.  Do not worry about parking your car in the city center, for there is a dedicated visitor parking space. The bank branch at the center offers swift (and safe) all types of banking services, as cash and non-cash transaction services, and in spot currency exchange. The fashion boutiques of most acclaimed Mongolian designers are located in the center, offering the attractive apparel created in a combination with European style and Mongolian fashion and technology. Its clean, pleasant atmosphere and friendly, and kind staff will make you feel comfortable and most welcome! In the summer season, the Galleria center offers various daily shows, folk-art concerts, and other introductory events of Mongolian livelihood for free. Your highest satisfaction is guaranteed with our world-standard services, host your international friends at our center. The most important feature is, you can never miss the Galleria Ulaanbaatar center located right on the east of the central square.  If you decided to visit Mongolia, the land of ancient nomads make sure to visit Galleria Ulaanbaatar Center, a trade and service center that uniquely blends the tradition and modernization.

The HARDY'S wine bar has officially opened in Galleria Ulaanbaatar Center

The HARDY'S wine bar has officially opened on the third floor of the Galleria Ulaanbaatar Center in the heart of the capital. Which named as a HARDY'S Australian wine that has more than 160 years of history.   The HARDY'S wine bar has a 32-seater, modern, state-of-the-art solution, serving HARDY'S 7 varieties of grape wine and snacks.   Here's an interesting story from HARDY's wine:   A true representative of the classic style, Hardy's is a long-standing brand dating back to 1853, before the long-standing Coca Cola brand. It is sold in more than 130 countries, and more than 2 million glasses of Hardys are using daily.   Over the past 10 years, it has won more than 9,000 awards, including being named the world's most powerful Australian wine brand of 2013.  

Ariunaa.B: “GOBI” becomes the first brand to establish an official company that conducts online shopping in the USA

GOBI’s branch store to launch in Los Angeles, the USA on September 16th. Accordingly, we interviewed Ariunaa.B, Director of Foreign Trade (the USA and Asia) of the GOBI. GOBI will soon open its branch store in Los Angeles. Mongolian cashmere products somewhat entered the international market, especially, the American market. What are the special features of the soon-to-be-open store? Gobi has been exporting its products to the USA for quite some time. But it was franchise sales. Now, we are going to open our official branch company in Los Angeles, on September 16th. This company will handle online shopping in South and North America. As the world market approach mostly focuses on online shopping, the activity of the branch company will solely focus on online shopping in the beginning.     Does that mean a customer anywhere in the USA can order GOBI products and get it delivered to their home? Time is indeed valuable in the modern world and online shopping is growing rapidly worldwide. Nobody wants to waste on time going to the shops physically when there is an opportunity to buy stuff online. Especially in the case of America, the country with 51 states, the online shopping, and delivery system are well developed. Depending on when the customer wants to receive the product, the delivery cost varies and all arrangements are very easy. We will sell our products using this type of advanced online shopping services. GOBI products will be delivered to anywhere in the USA within 24 hours. Online shopping is an unlimited market. How much growth is expected in the sales volume? We aim to sell one million products through online shopping in the USA within one year. The numbers of products we previously sold in the USA are rather low and the USA was not our main big market before. Our main markets were Europe and Asia. Therefore, if we work hard starting from this September we believe we can reach our goal. There was a question that if cashmere products will be able to sell in a warm-weather country like America? When we think about cashmere, we imagine warm sweaters, hats, and scarves that we wear in winter. But that is a traditional and outdated concept. In general, cashmere consumption and global trends have been changing dramatically over the last decade. In the past, people used to think cashmere products were expensive and people, who were over 45 or who have quite a bit of income, buy cashmere. However, now cashmere products are, somewhat, included in collections of all brands from ‘fast fashion’ to luxurious and to high-end. This helps to change the concept of the cashmere products among consumers. Following the development pattern, cashmere products are not limited to traditional warm sweaters anymore. Today, the cashmere product options are variable from everyday wear to luxurious wears such as silky cashmere sweaters, not textile, but knitted shawls and suits made out of fine cashmere threads that we can wear in summer and fine coats, as well. Nowadays, people of all age can wear cashmere in any season under any circumstances. Which product will fascinate the Americans the most? How did you identify the target groups? Looking at the American and European consumerism, they are usually interested in woven products. Woven sweaters, accessories, and shawls, etc. Plus, the GOBI aims to become the No.1 producer of the 100% cashmere coats in the world. People imagine traditional heavy woolen coats when they think of coats. But cashmere coats are 2-3 times lighter than the traditional woolen coats and the cashmere coats are very warm. Even if you wear the coat on a naked body, it will not make you feel uncomfortable and inconvenient. We are planning to sell the sweaters along with the cashmere coats. As cashmere is very soft, making clothes of unisex and frees size is common with cashmere. We offer products that are comfortable and will fit any type of body. The USA is the No.1 market in the world. Brands from small size to the high-end, are interested to make it in the American market. The reason why we thought the USA was possible is that there are either only expensive Italian brand cashmere products in the market or cheap cashmere products that are sold in bulks. The research has shown that there is no cashmere company that produces affordable and quality products for middle-income people, who are interested. That is our main target. We plan to offer to the middle-income groups 100% cashmere products, which are made out of hand-sheared rare raw materials that are also luxurious and high quality.  Big markets like American obviously requires special attention on the fashion design? Our main Mongolian fashion design team works on the company. In order to follow the world fashion trends and standard and learn from these, we work with Italian, German and Spanish designers on short term on a contract. We learn from them, as well. We regularly participate in fashion shows in Italy, where the world fashion trends are defined.  There, we study the fashion trends and colors of the next collections. We, also, have some 60 franchised shops. We learn from and exchange ideas with the other brands that exist next to us. Is GOBI becoming the first Mongolian company that solely focuses on online shopping in the world market? Yes. There are no other Mongolian companies like us, as we studied. We made related research during the branch establishment period to find out if there are Mongolian companies that established a branch in the USA to exchange experiences. There was not a Mongolian company that officially established its branch, yet.  Therefore, our company is special in the sense that we are the first. Although we are establishing the GOBI branch, we carry Mongolian cashmere and brand reputation behind us, which is very responsible work. If we set a successful foundation, we will create an opportunity for the other brands and factories that will follow our steps. The USA is in the process of approving the Third Neighbor Trade Act for Mongolia. There is no doubt that this will help facilitate the cashmere sector. There is a criticism that the cashmere sector is a small matter to discuss? Agricultural products, production, and export are of great importance to our country. In a related context, our sector’s officials presented this law to the USA and now they are working closely with the Congressmen, who initiated this law, as well. We put great importance to this and support the idea very much as we are the first company and main player in the sector. Let me state the facts about the reason why the agricultural sector is very important. Firstly, Mongolia has more than 800,000 households, of which some 220,000 are herder families. We live and work with the traditional animal husbandry whether we want it or not. There are negative talks about goats damaging the pastureland and we are suffering goats to take their cashmere. When studying the matter from the scientific perspective and talking with herders, goats do not damage the pastureland alone. From a different perspective, taking the cashmere out of the goats is actually a help to the goats. If not taking the cashmere out during the warm season, goats can develop scabies, become the target for the ticks and even have holes in their skin. Therefore, taking out the cashmere from the goats by hand is the traditional method to prevent from these, as well. This, in turn, becomes environmentally friendly production. Shall we end our interview by giving information on how the agricultural sector benefits the economy and what are those benefits?  Another reason why we are specifying this sector is that the main developing sectors such as mining and construction are male-dominated. But on the other hand, this causes unemployment for women and single mothers and increase the demand for women to work. There are at least six people behind single mothers including children and parents. It is possible for our industry to be female-dominated. Our factory has 3000 employees, of which more than 75% of them are women. Accordingly, American congresswomen are putting great importance in this matter as well. One of the few sectors of Mongolia that that is capable of improving the women’s livelihood and increasing the women’s employment is our sector and this is why we are supported by the Trade Act as well. Also, I’d like to point out that exporting value-added products that are made in Mongolia than exporting large quantities of raw materials that could not make it to products, is a huge contribution to the economy.


А year ago Pizza Hut opened its doors of “Dine-in” branch at Galleria Ulaanbaatar center located next to Sukhbaatar square. There are 3 types of Pizza Hut branches: delivery, carryout and dine-in. The dine-in store differs from the others with special meals in addition to pizza and extensive selection of drinks. In addition, our customers can enjoy comfort and service by professional waiters/waitresses. For its interior design to offer comfort to customers of all ages, Pizza Hut Galleria branch received the “Most loved store design” award from Yum! Asia. Thank you to all our customers for being with us! Address: Galleria Ulaanbaatar shopping center, 1st floor, Sukhbaatar square