Social responsibility

For the World Humanitarian Day, Galleria Ulaanbaatar shopping center, in collaboration with GNM NGO, organized a "Children’s Canva Day" to promote the rights of children with disabilities. Children who came to the event spent some fun time together learning to draw and to make pizza. Whereas “Medlegtei devter” brand presented them school supplies, Pizza Hut Galleria branch treated them to a delicious pizza. 

KFC holds a monthly Family Day for children and families for the simple reason that there is nothing more important than a happy childhood for our most beloved little ones. The event packed with various fun activities welcomes all children, mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers to spend joyful time together in the company of heroes from their dearly loved cartoons and animations. This month’s Family Day was organized on the 27th at KFC Smart branch. Children and adults alike enjoyed the play by Zootopia heroes, amazing art performances of magic and contortion. Children also took part in a fun competition where each participant was awarded a special KFC gift. Thank you to all children and families who shared wonderful moments together with us.

In celebration of its 5th anniversary in Mongolia, Pizza Hut brand launched a “5 good deeds” campaign as a token of gratitude to all customers and employees. As part of the campaign, Pizza Hut organized an essay competition among students who work at Pizza Hut with an aim to support them with tuition fee.  The competitionhad a great participation by students, and the winner O.Bat-Erdene from Pizza Hut Galleria branch was awarded 4 million MNT for his annual tuition fee. Pizza Hut further highlighted essays by O.Batsugar from Pizza Hut State Department Store branch and R.Altantuya from Pizza Hut Galleria. Each were awarded 500,000MNT. Education is the foundation for change, progress and development. Since its opening, Pizza Hut brand has regularly organized various campaigns and activities to support inclusive education and will continue so in the future.

KFC brand for its June “Hugging Day” donates medical equipment and tools to the Treatment Unit for Burns at the National Injury Treatment and Research Center. “Hugging Day” is a monthly event organized since 2014, and its primary purpose is to build a happy future and bring a warm embrace to all.  KFC has worked with children’s centers, schools, children and adults with disabilities, children from families with income below the minimum living standard, and reached out to around 1,500 children aged 6-18. KFC presents its special thanks to its customers who make these events possible. 

Today MamyPoko brand has successfully organized a blood donation campaign for the 4th consecutive year among employees of Tavan Bogd Group. In this humanitarian campaign, whose purpose is to help mothers and children in need of blood, 60 people participated to give hope to 200 mothers. 

On the occasion of Children’s Day, Pizza Hut brand in collaboration with Lantuun Dokhio NGO organized a one-day event “Memories more precious than a candy” at “Id shidiin oron 1” on June 1st. The event, open to all families living in the vicinity, was attended by over 2,000 children and parents. It is one of the "5 good deeds" that Pizza Hut is carrying out in celebration of its 5th anniversary of opening in Mongolia.