2014 “TOP 100” Entreprises

In cooperation with Mongolian Government, Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry selected “TOP 100” business entities that contributed to Mongolian society, economic growth, and its business development and Tavan Bogd Group’s  Tavan Bogd LLC, Tavan Bogd Trade LLC and Tavan Bogd International LLC were enlisted this year.

The selection of the “TOP 100” enterprises are based upon 5 main indicator performances;  Paid in taxes, revenues, assets, profits, and the number of employees, evaluated by the Ministries and Agencies poll on the level of contribution to Mongolian economic development, and public well-being.

Tavan Bogd Group’s associated company, Khan Bank was ranked at #3, Gobi at #23, Tavan Bogd LLC listed at # 39, Tavan Bogd Trade at #54, and Tavan Bogd International LLC at #73 of the Top 100 list. Congratulations to the companies made it in the list and wish to have prosperous success on behalf of Tavan Bogd Group management and staff.


Цааш унших


Tavan Bogd Group is a privately-owned Mongolian conglomerate with strategically diversified business interests in trade and services, manufacturing, tourism and hospitality, construction, supply of mining equipment, and banking.

Цааш унших

Our life in Tavan Bogd Group

Success of the Tavan Bogd Group’s the result of the strong commitment of all employees. We are proud of with our talented, energetic and professional colleagues.

Цааш унших


Just as looming mountains of Altai TavanBogd leaning each other in depth of the skies, Our passion for pursuing excellence, through our joint efforts, will bring us to the summit of success.

Цааш унших

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